16 Time-Saving Hacks Which Will Change Your Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life? If you are often struggling to juggle the various plates you have, it’s no wonder that your mood will suffer. All of a sudden, you can become flustered with the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s time for some short-cuts in the home, some game changers. Below are 16 great time-saving hacks which will change your life.

1. Placing the bedding set inside a pillowcase

One of my best time-saving hacks is placing all the bedding for a change into the pillow case which matches. This way, you can just grab the case and know that everything which matches is inside. I try and do it for all my clients when I help change their bedding. It looks neat, saves space and you can just grab one when you next need it.

2. Too many club cards? Try this

Have you got a stack of club cards for various shops? Puncture a small hole at the bottom of each one and pop a keychain loop through them all. That way you can have them in your bag ready to pop out and flip over at will. Free your purse and wallet from the straight of the gift cards and save time at the till frantically searching for them.


3. Repurpose lemon rinds

Have you got some empty citrus rinds? Be it orange, lemon or lime? Fill with water and pop in the freezer. This will help refresh your next cool drink and save time chopping a wedge of citrus.

4. Fold clothing Marie Kondo style

When you fold clothing this way, you fold it almost as normal, but then roll it. These then stand up in the drawers, so instead of sifting through each time to find a particular top, you will find it all at a glance. This way clothing gets worn more, as you can see exactly what you’ve got. It’s easier to keep tidy this way too.

5. Remove stubborn stickers with a hair dryer

Has your child ever gone through that phase of sticking the most stubborn sticky stickers everywhere? They can be a nightmare to peel off, and often you find yourself spending ages scraping away at them with a nail. Try popping the hair dryer onto it instead. This will heat up the glue, making it far easier to peel off.

6. Drying hack for children’s crafts

A hair dryer isn’t only useful when it comes to tackling those stubborn stickers in the home. Another game changer is drying children’s crafts using a hair dryer. This won’t only please you, but your child will be ecstatic too, because their craft is ready to go on display sooner.

7. Label jars as well as lids

When you label anything in the kitchen, make sure you label the jars not the lids, or as well as the lids. This way when the lid inevitable gets mixed up, you will know exactly what is inside of the container. For example, you won’t want your mint or oregano labelling getting mixed up, so it is better to label the container. This saves you time figuring out what’s what.

8. Use herb scissors

Use herb scissors to cut herbs in the kitchen when you’re cooking. Chopping herbs can take some time, so use this time-saving hack to help when you’re frantically trying to put the evening dinner on the table.

9. Use a timer when cleaning

When cleaning, set a timer for 30 minutes. This will give you the motivation burst to get going and get as much done as possible in that time limit. You should also focus on one room at a time too, rather then flitting between rooms. Also always work from top to bottom- this way the dust moves downwards, leaving the hoovering or sweeping till last. This saves yourself going over any dusty patches you may have missed at the end.

10. Keep a shopping list on the go at all times

Rather than waiting to write the grocery list once a week, have a list stuck to the fridge or family board, or on your phone which can be added to as the week goes by. This way you avoid forgetting items, and therefore the inevitable trip out to the shop when you realised the items you needed haven’t come with the weekly shop. This also makes the shopping list far quicker to write.

11. Soak up the bin slime with this clever home hack

Place newspaper at the bottom of your bins to line them and help soak up those gross bin juices. This will save time cleaning the bin each week.

12. Spray the bath with a bathroom cleaner

This seems simple right? But the time saving hack comes in place when you do this at the right time, in the right order. Spray the bath with a bathroom cleaner BEFORE you clean any other area in the bathroom. This way, you can allow the cleaner to soak in and do the hard work whilst you are busy in the rest of the room. So, by the time you go to clean the bath it will be far easier and quicker to do so.

13. This blind cleaning hack will change your home cleaning routine forever

Pop a damp soak on your hand when it comes to cleaning your blinds. This will save so much time and energy. Suddenly a tedious task doesn’t seem so bad!

14. Use a spare tray in the bottom of your oven

You will need to change this over often, but by using a spare tray in the bottom of your oven, you will save time cleaning it. This is because the tray will catch those nasty greasy drips, so oven cleaning will be far less of a hassle.


15. Use your dishwasher for more than just dishes

You can pop ill fitting items in your kitchen into here, such as fridge shelves or oven shelves. This will clean them very quickly for you, which will be a game changer.

16. Outsource and delegate

The best time-saving hack is to outsource and delegate those time consuming tasks which are taking over your home life. Here at Dorset Companions, we love to do the jobs you hate! Whether that’s meal prep, or gardening, or your weekly clean- we can help change your home life and free up that precious time for you.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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