6 Things You Can Do When Your Mental Health Is Suffering

Mental health and wellbeing, thankfully, have become much more openly discussed topics recently. More and more people feel able to come forward and talk about the things that they struggle with and as a result, there is a wealth of knowledge and support available. As great as this is, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming!

Below is a list of six simple things that you can do when your mental health is suffering.

  1. Move Your Body

I know it’s not everyone’s favourite thing to do, but number one on my list is to exercise. It’s so great for your body and your mind. Exercise releases endorphins- those ‘feel-good’ hormones. As well as making you feel great, it can give you the chance for a change of scenery. Getting outside for some fresh air and spending time nature can really pick you up! Did you know a study showed that people in hospitals heal more quickly when they can see nature out of the window? It’s magical stuff.

  1. Talk to Someone

What a relief that it has become far more socially acceptable to talk about our feelings in recent years! And what a difference it can make! Talking can be a great way to process your thoughts and feelings and can help you to feel less anxious. Just make sure you choose someone who you can trust such as a friend or family member. If you don’t feel you have someone close enough to talk to, counselling can be a great option and, nowadays, can be in person or online.

Don’t forget that here at Dorset Companions, we offer a companionship service too. So, if you know a relative that may be struggling, why not gift them an hour of companionship with our services? This will give them not only an extra pair of hands, but a listening ear too.

  1. Get a Routine and Plan

My most positive and productive days always tend to happen when I’ve made a plan. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but having a routine can set you up for the day. Having a regular rhythm to your day can be comforting way to manage stress.

Planning can help to calm anxieties and make you feel on top of things, which is especially useful when you are feeling overwhelmed and have a lot on. Here is a list I made of time-saving hacks that can help you to feel less overwhelmed. What I tend to do is make a list of jobs that need to be completed and then figure out how I can fit them into my routine. Bonus tip: always fit something you enjoy doing into your routine. That way you can ensure you are looking after yourself too!


  1. Lower Your Screen Time

Social media can be disruptive and distracting. If you find yourself feeling low after scrolling down your chosen newsfeed, you’re not alone. More and more studies are showing the adverse effects of social media usage, especially in young people. By taking responsibility and making the decision to lower your usage, you could find that you feel happier and more content.

This can be achieved by deleting apps so it becomes more time consuming and less convenient to log on to them and finding something else to do such as reading or another hobby. Also, your mind will thank you for reducing the blue light before bed, which can disrupt your sleep.

  1. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

How you fuel your body can make a world of difference to your mental wellbeing. It’s important to try to find a balance between eating well but not being so strict that you feel you’re missing out on the good stuff. Drinking less alcohol and caffeine and smoking less can help too. This (as well as exercise) can all lead to better sleep, which is essential for good mental health.

  1. Journal

Many people turn to journaling now to help process their thoughts and feelings. Writing can be especially helpful if you don’t have the chance or don’t feel comfortable talking to someone. A mood diary has many benefits and can be brilliant for teaching you what your triggers might be. It’s always a good idea to practise gratitude within journaling, just write down something you are grateful for that day and you’ll soon notice a positive improvement as time goes on.


I hope that you have found these top six tips to be useful. It really is all about self-care. If you would like some more information or support, check out Dorset Mind. They have some great advice and real- life stories.

Did you know that Dorset Companions can offer you social support? Click here to find out what’s on offer at Dorset Companions.


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