Dorset Companions; Questions and Answers With Natalie

Dorset Companions is a business based in the beautiful Dorset county. Although it is a fairly new business, it has kept growing in popularity since the beginning days. In fact, it is now looking at expanding both it’s clients base and staff. What has made Dorset Companions such a popular service? Read our Q&A with Natalie Kenevan to find out more about this fantastic business and this answer will soon become very clear.

What is Dorset Companions?

Dorset Companions is a support system for anyone over the age of 18. It’s for families, the elderly, those who have children, or those who have never had children. It’s for anyone that is struggling and could do with a helping hand. We pride ourselves in being an “old fashioned Mother’s help”.

We are not childminders, but we help Mothers free up time and in doing so we can keep an eye on their children and the rest of the family unit if that’s what is required.

What made you start the business?

I was made redundant from a charity that I worked for. I didn’t want to go back to another charity, for various reasons, but then something else happened which ultimately led to my light bulb moment.

After my partner went back to work, after he had finished his paternity leave, I struggled. I was left on my own, with my new baby and everything seemed a bit daunting. But in particular, I struggled to put the bins out. They weren’t the easiest or most accessible bins to put out, and it would fill be with huge anxiety to leave my little baby and to go and put the bins out.

It’s scary putting a newborn down. It’s overwhelming being a new mum.

So my light bulb moment, led me to make a change for others. I wanted to stop those anxious, daunting feelings for others. If I could just help one other person from feeling this way and to make a difference- I would be happy. So ultimately, my own feelings of overwhelm has led me to want to make a difference in the lives of others and to stop them stressing.

Where are you based?

We work for clients anywhere within the Dorset borders. Our main areas are Poole, Parkstone, West Moors and Christchurch, however we can travel and are flexible.

Who can use your services?

Anyone over the age of 18. We have a fully enhanced DBS so we can work with minors, but the service is provided mainly for adults.

What does your services include?

Anything from cleaning, cooking, taking our clients out on day trips. We tailor our services to what our clients and service users need. We can help our clients go through their paperwork, have a Spring clean or tend to their garden and much more.

We can also mow your garden- we have battery tools so we can tend to your garden without needing access to your house.

We don’t tend to do personal care, but we can do everything else. We can however help with basic care tasks.

Dorset companions is also a big nod to exactly what we want to provide clients who need it; companionship. Sometimes, people just need someone to be there, to come over and play a board game with a cosy cuppa.

What are your prices?

It depends on the type of service you have chosen to receive. We also offer overnight stays for those who need it, which will obviously affect the cost.

Our cheapest option is to sign up for 10 hours, and then you get 10 hours half price. This works out that you are only paying £225 for 20 hours worth of care.

You can get in contact for our full pricing.

What can you do for new mums?

We offer a ‘New Mum Package’, where we can come in for one hour a day for either 5 or 7 days for the first 6 weeks. We can then help with whatever is needed; whether you need us to hold the baby whilst you shower, we can wash up, make bottles, cook dinner and much more.

This package can be put together for you for just £400. This is incredible value. It is such hard work when it comes to those early baby days, so we can provide that much needed helping hand.

What can you do for my family member with additional needs?

I have had experience with autistic clients. I would aim to make my client feel safe and secure. Part of my services would be to take them to the gym and to partake in sensory work.

I have the relevant insurances needed to help anyone and everyone. I also tailor my services to exactly what my clients and service users need.

I have had various experiences with different clients, so I will be able to provide a service package to help family members with additional needs.

Get in touch.

 It is no wonder that Dorset Companions is such a popular and used service. We are offering that helping hand to anyone that needs it. Exciting days are ahead with the expansion of the business. It’s time everyone that is struggling put their hands up, and asked for help. Because our friendly and professional service can tailor our service to your needs.

Get in touch today to discuss your individual needs.



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