What We Do?

We are here to provide support, help and friendship to anyone over the age of 18. 

Our 4 main service areas are listed below.


Social visits



Social outings

Social Clubs


Family support

New mother/Family support


Doctors appointments

Hospital appointments





Making appointments

Dental appointments




Meal planning

Light housework

Light gardening

General DIY

Building contacts

Running errands

Putting out bins


Batch cooking

Basic recipe coaching

Thermostat support

Electronic support

Moving furniture

Changing bedding

Window cleaning

Basic car check


Form filling

Online services set-up


Reading paperwork

Comparing costs

Online support

Technology Support

Posting Mail

Picking Up Parcels

Services we offer are inclusive but not limited to the areas listed above.

Ask us if you have alternative needs.

  • Up to 15 miles transportation is included in your booking. Additional mileage is calculated at 10p per mile thereafter.
  • Bookings are exclusive travelling time between clients.
  • Payments can be made by standing order, debit/credit card, or Paypal

Initial 1 hour consultation is free of charge.

Packages available and pricing

Full or Part Day Companion Packages

Full Day Companion package 0930-1700

When you want a full day out, need big jobs doing around the house, require a chaperone or advocate for medical procedures and everything in between.  Monday to Friday only.

£100 for 7.5 hours

Morning Companion 0930-1300 package

Useful for shopping trips, mornings out, or getting big jobs around the house completed.  Also useful for hospital appointments. Monday to Friday only.

£55 for 3.5 hours

Afternoon Companion 1330-1700 Package

Useful for shopping trips, afternoons out, or getting big jobs around the house completed.  Also useful for hospital appointments. Monday to Friday only.

£55 for 3.5 hours

Saturday or Sunday Companion

Saturday or Sunday afternoon service,  Great for afternoons out, social shopping trips, cooking for family gatherings and household/garden jobs.  1200-1700.

£85 for 5 hours

Flexible Packages

Block Booking 10 hours per month

Great for regular days out, jobs around the house, social groups and life’s little surprises.  Taken in 2 hour minimum blocks.

£150 for 10 hours

Ad Hoc Companion

Minimum of 1 hour per month. Useful for life’s little worries.

£25 an hour, £35 for 2 hours

Social Meeting (2-hour minimum)

A physical social meeting at your home or a convenient location. Two consecutive hours.

£35 for 2 hours

Helping Hand Packages

Kitchen and Cook Package

Start off with an inventory of your pantry and fridge/freezer.  Meal plan for the coming week/month. Shopping trip to preferred supermarket.  Batch cook some of your meal planner and organise into freezer. 1200-1700 only.

£85 for 5 hours

Medical Procedure Chaperone/Advocate

When you have a medical procedure, you are often advised to make sure you have someone stay with you overnight.  Booked a minimum of a month in advance, your Dorset Companion will spend the night at your house to make sure your well being is not affected and be on hand for any emergencies.  This is a block booking of 10 hours.

£200 for 10 hours (over night)

2 hours and up, weekly or fortnightly using my own eco-friendly cleaning products. Service can be tailored to your individual needs. 3 or more hours also available on request. 

£35 2 hours

New Mother Packages

New Mother Package 7 Days

An hours visit each day of the week for 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.  The hour can be used for different purposes such as cleaning, cooking, baby-wearing, shopping, well-being.  Household chores can be completed in this hour (for instance: putting out the bins). Great for those anxious few weeks after becoming a Mother.  Weekday only package available.

£400 for 42 hours

New Mother Package 5 Days

Same as 7 day Package but excludes weekends.  Great if your partner is around on Saturdays and Sundays.

£275 for 30 hours

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